xLAB Program

Seminar 2A Michael Osman 2018.07.30 (MON) 13:30 @KOIL

Michael Osman will be giving his lecture specifically for student participants at the studio. He will also join the discussion of the symposium at Miraikan.

7/30 (Mon)13:30〜15:00
@KOIL Studio

Michael Osman
UCLA Associate Professor
Osman is a historian who researches the technological, economic, and political engagements of architecture in the 19th and 20th centuries. His first book is Modernism’s Visible Hand: Architecture and Regulation in America (University of Minnesota, 2018) explores the techniques of regulation situated in buildings that helped manage the nation’s expansion. His essays have been published in Perspecta, Grey Room, Thresholds, Log, and others.

Past Project

“Modernism’s Visible Hand: Architecture and Regulation in Americal”, Michael Osman