xLAB Program

Guest Speaker Cihangir Istek Architect

ゲストスピーカー ジハンギル・イステッキ 建築家

Cihangir Istek has been active over many years as design professional, researcher and educator in engagements with universities as well as ranging from short-term workshops to urban and spatial projects involving commercial and non-commercial entities in wide-range of countries. Having studied in architecture at Istanbul Technical University, he holds MSc. from the Bartlett UCL in London and PhD. from University of Tokyo. In 2001 and 2002, he was twice awarded the ‘Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship’. In 2003, he established “MODiU: modus operandi design unit” -an interdisciplinary design practice in Tokyo, and completed modest-scale built and space design works. He has taught and lectured at Tokyo, Tama Art, Meiji and Tsukuba Universities in Japan, University of California (Berkeley), and the Amsterdam Berlage Institute of Architecture. Currently, apart from his involvements within the international design community, he is a Professor at Osaka University in the Center for the Study of Co*Design. He teaches and undertakes research as part of the Social Innovation Division. His core areas of expertise include Design Thinking and Doing, Cities, Architecture, Information and Communication Design. Cihangir is particularly interested in working on design interventions in some of the core issues facing our cities and global society, such as Communities, Healthcare and Mobility. In 2014, he organized cooperations with the Istanbul Design Biennial, the Istanbul Municipality, users/residents and experts from both design and non-design fields for an urban initiative on the future Istanbul as Smart City.