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Guest Speaker George Abe Economist, Lecturer, Faculty Director, Strategic Management Program, Anderson School of Management, UCLA

ゲストスピーカー ジョージ・アベ 経済学者, Lecturer, Faculty Director, Strategic Management Program, Anderson School of Management, UCLA

George Abe is a lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and faculty director of the Strategic Management Research (SMR) program. SMR is the field study project required of Anderson’s Executive MBA students. He teaches entrepreneurship, business plan development and field study program advisories.
As a graduate student at UCLA, Abe studied with Leonard Kleinrock on pre-Internet data networking. In 1976 he joined Computer Sciences Corp, a defense contractor providing, among other services, timesharing services — what we now call cloud computing. He designed the IP data service for CSC’s spinoff, Infonet Services Corporation, and later signed on as business development manager at Cisco, where he became the company’s first product manager for data over cable products. In 1997 Cisco published Abe’s book, Residential Broadband, an early practical guide to what were then emerging access networks and internet technologies, published in two editions.
Abe circled back to his alma mater when he joined UCLA’s technology transfer office, where commercialization of intellectual property is managed. In 2003 Senior Associate Dean Al Osborne invited Abe to teach entrepreneurship. In his teaching, he emphasizes deal terms and team building. “Team building is the key,” he says. “Students underestimate it. They come in believing fundraising is the hardest part. The socialization process is important and overlooked.”
In addition to his experience in computer networking, Abe was a venture partner with Santa Monica-based Palomar Ventures and served on the board of directors of Switchcore AB, a publicly traded fabless semiconductor designer in Sweden, and several boards in the Palomar portfolio.
Abe serves on the board of advisers for UCLA’s Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies and Biotech Connection, Los Angeles.