xLAB Program

Guest Speaker Noriko Osumi Neuroscientist, Vice President, Tohoku University

ゲストスピーカー 大隅 典子 発生発達神経科学者 東北大学副学長

Prof. Osumi has graduated Tokyo Medical and Dental University, been given PhD thesis from the same university, and now is a professor of Tohoku University School of Medicine since 1998. She was one of the 25 Distinguished Professors in Tohoku University from 2008 to 2011, and has become Vice President of Tohoku Univerity from 2018. Her research background is developmental biology, and she has interest in brain development, evolution, and disease. Ongoing projects in her lab includes molecular mechanisms of brain development and evolution, lipid biology of astrocytes (the most major brain cells), and animals as models of neurodevelopmental disorders. More recently, she has much interest in DOHaD theory, and eagers to understand regulatory mechanisms for transgenerational effects of paternal aging that affects offspring’s behavior. Manipulating embryos and imaging brain cells are expertise of her lab. She has been appointed in various governmental committees such as ethical issues, grant system development, and career paths for young scientists. She was a representative of CREST project (2005-2010) supported by JST and Global COE project (2007-2012) supported by MEXT. Currently, she is a leader for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (16H06524) “Integrative Research toward Elucidation of Generation of Brain Systems for Individuality”.