xLAB Program

Guest Speaker Seitaro Taniguchi Design Engineer

ゲストスピーカー 谷口 靖太郎 デザインエンジニア

Seitaro Taniguchi finished his bachelor’s degree at Keio University SFC in 2008 and completed his master’s degree at Tokyo University of The Arts, Faculty of Design. He moved to UK in 2011 for following the Innovation Design Engineering Masters program at the Royal College of Art. After working as a freelance design engineer for a while, he returned to Japan and joined Takram in 2013. With exploring the methodology and the value of problem finding and solution providing based on multidisciplinary knowledges and skills, he is primarily engaged in the development of interactive product and installation that includes hardware styling, mechanical and electronics engineering or software development. His notable projects are “Moon Exploration Rover”, “Hydrogen Energy R&D Center”, “Shiseido ‘KANSEI’ Design Lab.” and his awards include Good Design Award, Second Prize at the Tokyo Designers Week 2013 Young Creators Competition.