xLAB Program

Guest Speaker Will Galloway

ゲストスピーカー ウィル・ギャロウェイ

Galloway split my days between frontoffice tokyo and Keio University.

frontoffice tokyo was founded in 2008 by four architects and urban planners studying at the University of Tokyo. His role in the office is to lead the design charge, which is heavily influenced by research on the open-ended nature of Japanese regulations and an interest in hacking urban landscapes. Taking advantage of their location in central Tokyo they are especially interested in building better places to live and play as the world changes around them.

Keio University invited him to teach sustainable design just as the country was struck by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Since then his effort has shifted towards resilience and adaptation in design. Most recently he is working on ways to bring together food, energy and water into the urban center, and rethinking the future of Tokyo as the country faces massive change on multiple fronts, from a declining population to economic transformation, and of course global warming. Going forward they will need the soft power of resilience as well as the hard reality of new construction methods to manage. It feels like they are at the cusp of a new kind of architecture practice and he is very interested in being part of that process as it unfolds.