xLAB Program

xLAB Program Community, Mobility and Diversity. Cosponsored by Shinkenchiku-sha, xLAB UCLA, Department of architecture and Department of socio-cultural environmental studies at the University of Tokyo

The xLAB Summer Program is an event to explore the role of architecture in the future society with students from universities who study advanced architectural education in North America, Europe and Asia. For speakers,we invite researchers and practitioners from a wide range of fields from digital technology to business and science. It aims to exploit their cutting edge knowledge to expand areas of architecture and promote the possibility of collaboration with a wide range of industries. xLAB サマー・プログラムは、世界各国の先進的な建築教育を行う大学の学生と、これからの社会における建築の役割を考えるイベントです。国際的・学際的な登壇者によるセミナーやスタジオを軸として、デジタル・テクノロジーからビジネス、科学まで、多岐にわたる領域から研究者や実務者を招きます。建築が扱う領域を拡張し、幅広い産業とのコラボレーションの可能性を促進させることを目的としています。最新テクノロジーが、今日までの産業の枠組みを横断して新しい環境をつくり出す都市で、建築の役割をどこに求めていくのか、2020年の東京オリンピックとそれを取り巻く「コミュニティ」「モビリティ」「ダイバーシティ」の3つのテーマを通して考えます。


2019 Studio Faculty has been decided.
Throughout the two-week program, architecture students from both Japan and overseas work in two studios located at KOIL (Kashiwanoha Open Innovation Lab). This year, with a theme of Mobility", We have Greg Lynn(Professor at UCLA) and Andrew Witt(Assistant professor at GSD) as primary instructors. As for secondary instructors, we have Kaz Yoneda(Project Research Associate, Univ. of Keio – Graduate School of Media and Governance) and Toshiki Hirano(Assistant professor, Univ. of Tokyo – Dept. of Architecture). In addition to these studio instructors, this year, we invite Eric Baczuk(Design researcher at Google) and Ryosuke Shibasaki(Professor at the Center for Spatial Information Science, Univ. of Tokyo), and they will be giving advices to each studio from the technologist perspective.


2019 Seminar Lecturer has been decided.
During the first few days of the xLAB Summer Program, students participate in discussion-based seminars by internationally recognized industry experts. Seminar guests from architecture-related fields, such as science, management, engineering, and robotics, give lectures from their area of expertise to broaden students’ understanding of the studio topic.